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Falling out of Orbit

I can look back now and the signs that my legs were starting to fail was around 14, but didn’t rear their ugly head until 15. And at 15.5, I flagged down one of the biker course support people to … Continue reading

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Remote Transmission from Planet3rry

BONK! Didnt finish. Cramps started at 15 and made it to first aid at Mile 21. Wil make an interesting podcast and blog post.

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Remote Transmission from Planet3rry

Here at race start with about 15 min until start. Not as nervous as yesterday, but wind will be a factor today.

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Runner Support Bags Planted

What a busy day! And now I have to start to wind down so that I can get some rest for that thing I am doing tomorrow… what is it again? I felt very comfortable, even a little aspergian, at … Continue reading

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The lamenting taperer

Yesterday, my stomach was in knots… today, it’s not much better. I have that “I FEEL SO HUNGRYYYYYYY” feeling in my stomach but nothing is appealing. Well, except for comfort food. And comfort food to me is chocolate… LOTS of … Continue reading

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Final Daze

“Where are you?” [With the fear that my already altered routine, would yet be rerouted again] “Just about to get on Pellissippi…” [My Spidey-sense telling me that a trip to a certain school] “The School called, The Elder threw up … Continue reading

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Guess My Time, Win Crap

It’s race time in the Higgins household and that means… well, lots of things. But for me it’s time to figure out what crap I can find to offer as a prize for the winner of Guess My Time, Win … Continue reading

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