The Running Podcast that used to be and may be once again… who knows?

EpisodeRelease DateShow InformationShow Notes
02510/29/092009 World Wide Festival of Races 13:39 (5MB)World Wide Festival of Races
02405/03/09Prelude to the 2009 Flying Pig marathon 16:59Flying Pig Marathon
02304/15/09Prelude to the 2009 Knoxville Marathon 23:51Knoxville Marathon
02211/08/082008 Worldwide Festival of Races 31:52World Wide Festival of Races
02107/25/082008 Fall Marathon Selection 10:28The Winner
02006/05/082008 Expo 10k 44:53
Expo Race Page
01905/21/08Impromptu Episode 18:31
01804/24/08Aspergian Athlete 35:29Look Me In the Eye – J.E. Robison
Tony Atwood
Wrong Planet
01702/03/08What went right and wrong at the Chickamauga Marathon 28:23Chickamauga Marathon
Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon
01601/04/08Olympic Year 23:57 
Update12/20/07Gravity Update 7:03 
01509/07/07The Goody Bag 18:31Scholar’s Run
01408/02/073rd Creek Greenway29:23Marathon Maniacs
My Other Running Buddy Darrell’s Running Blog
01307/03/07Phedippidations WorldWideHalf SML Training Programs 29:36Chickamauga Marathon
Harpeth Hills Marathon
01206/22/07Be Faster My Beating Heart 25:30Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon
01105/25/07State of the Planet3rry Union 20:27Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon
01004/25/07Volunteering At the Knoxville Marathon 18:38Knoxville Marathon
00903/23/07Market Square Fab 4 Miler 28:29Women in Black
MSQ Fab4 Route
00803/01/07Frugal Running 10:35 
00701/23/07The Year ahead 26:27 
00601/07/07The Year in Review 17:39 
00512/22/06Runner’s Safety 27:22RRCA
Road ID
00412/09/0622nd Annual Autumnfest 8k 23:14 
00311/20/06Running in American Samoa 21:56 
00211/07/06About Terry 17:57 
00110/24/06The Phedippidations WorldWide Half Marathon Challenge 24:21 Phedippidations WorldWide Half Marathon Challenge
Beta 210/02/06Neyland Greenway 20:09Neyland Greenway
Beta 108/23/06

The 2006 Scholar’s Run 5k 18:37

Alcoa Parks & Rec

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