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Meet Turkey… He’s a Turtle

One of my “on-going” house projects is cleaning up the back yard of sticks and brush and fallen trees etc. Even though we live in a subdivision, it is an older one so the habitat is fairly established. We have … Continue reading

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Docket Number 262 Running Community vs Planet3rry

Balliff: GREAT GOOGLY-MOOGLY! ALL RISE for the Honorable Judge Carl Gruber. Balliff: Judge Gruber, Docket Number 262, Running Community vs. Planet3rry for blatent disregard of Running Statute 1478(a)(3)iii, commonly refered to as the “10% Rule”. Judge: What is your plea, … Continue reading

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Falling Pooping and Honking

This is a running related post (cue: My Lovely and Talented Wife to move to the next post) and it will involve talking about pooping (but only briefly) and there is a rather gross picture below of my knee. I … Continue reading

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A Few Things

Oh Hi There! I am glad to see that people still read this thing. I do actually write things for this blog. Unfortunately they are usually in my head. And let’s just say the “Publish” button in my head isn’t … Continue reading

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This Morning Convo

Today is the beginning of the Knox County School’s Fall Break and other daycares, preschools, etc that aren’t associated with the County also follow the County’s School Schedule. So, there was a slight confusion this morning we Our Reliable and … Continue reading

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PhotoHunters: Family

This Week’s Theme: Family This is a photo of part of my family… my Kids. This was taken at The Elder’s (R) Open House for his Kindergarten. He was able to show it off to Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Our Reliable … Continue reading

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Dumpster Diving: Morning Edition

Our Waste company announced that on October 1st would start doing a single stream recycling program. Under the previous plan we could only recycle Newspaper, Plastics 1&2, Glass (all colors) and Metal/Aluminum Cans. This meant that everything else: Cardboard, Mixed … Continue reading

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I am needing a little self-help here. With the Stock Market picking a direction, it should be like taking Candy from a Baby on making money trading (NOT INVESTING!) right now. I mean, I was making money off my trades … Continue reading

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I'm Mooning You

Last evening after my run, I couldn’t resist but to break out Stella and take some pictures of the low hanging “almost” full moon. I ended up taking 146 shots in a roughly one hour time that evening and 2 … Continue reading

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The Movie Theatre Amplifies Your Child

In an unpredictable turn of events, the family all congregated at the $4 movie theatre to catch the 4:30 showing of the most recent Pixar-Disney movie WALL-E. This was a great movie, wait, it was an AWESOME movie and not … Continue reading

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