Final Daze

“Where are you?”

[With the fear that my already altered routine, would yet be rerouted again]

“Just about to get on Pellissippi…”

[My Spidey-sense telling me that a trip to a certain school]

“The School called, The Elder threw up alot in class. He’s with the nurse. Can you go get him? I don’t know how bad it is but they said it was ‘alot.'”

[Had the call been 10 seconds later, the answer would not have been as easy]

“Yep, See you at the house.”


“Come in Houston, this is Planet3rry. I have a change in trajectory. I need coordinate reroute and downloaded to the navigation system”

So, when I got there, he was fine. Probably some post-nasal drip that caused him to gag enough to throw up “alot.” I don’t know, but I brought him back home, and he’ll have to take it easily so that we can, with confidence, send him back to school. He did have a slight fever at the nurse’s but that could be a bodily reaction to hitting the ‘purge the stomach‘ button.

So now I need to worry about whether or not there is a viral presence and should it weild it’s ugly self, will it waylay me. There has been a lack of poop stories on this blog, because there hasn’t been any (of note) for this training cycle. Not like it was last fall when I basically cut my underwear supply in half because I had to leave it as fertilizer somewhere.

And there is this: The Weather Forecast

The Good Thing: Weather here is hard to predict. The Bad Thing: Weather here is hard to predict.


I can’t say that I am all to optimistic about the weather forecast for Sunday. I like that it’s partly cloudy with little chance of rain. But looking at the temperature, that’s a big nose dive. For me, the 50s area is the hardest to dress for during a run. It always seems that just a shred too much clothes and I feel overheated, but one layer too less and I am uncomfortable.

My Awetistic mind has come up with a concept that is already conceived, I am just converting it for marathoning. I’ve had the luxury of having wonderful support crews at many of my marathons (Richmond, Rutledge, Harpeth hills, etc) and so at this race, like in 2006… it’s me and the course (and all the people who I am pacing!). So, I am creating a few “Not Yet Named with a Cool Name” items for the course. I might have to include a pair of gloves in there. I can see it now, some Noob is going to have to get first aid because of frost bite or something. Not on MY watch. We are close enough to the river that if you can’t hack it, you are turning this marathon into a duathlon!

Well, I have some other things to get done. At least being busy has made me “forget” that I am in a taper… madness I tell you! Of course, as soon as Monday rolls around, I will have to be thinking about strategy on “The Pig“… will this MADNESS never end? Oh wait… I signed up for it… my bad. Carry On… Geek Stamp


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3 Responses to Final Daze

  1. Susan says:


    Clean undies are a good thing. I believe Martha Stewart would agree.

  2. Jake says:

    Gotta love weather predictions. It’s DEFINITELY going to be hotter on a rainy day than a partly cloudy one. And no, my new blog will not be “Tales from Study Hall.” I think I would shoot down from about 5 readers to none.

  3. Petra says:

    You’ll be fine. I think. Are you throwing up yet? I’m confined to bed tonight as I have stomach flu so I’m with you on the whole illness thing .. best to get it over with at least.. Good luck on Sunday – please pace them well! At a recent race the RunnersWorld pacers were 30sec per mile fast and this really threw people….

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