Runner Support Bags Planted

What a busy day! And now I have to start to wind down so that I can get some rest for that thing I am doing tomorrow… what is it again?

I felt very comfortable, even a little aspergian, at the Expo when I was at the Pacer’s table. I could talk about running and the course, with no qualms about thinking that I was boring (but maybe I was) or picking up on clues that they were bored. Okay, maybe that last one I totally overlooked.

I was excited to meet Marathon Maniac #128. He’s here at Knoxville. I am not sure that I put my name in the event calendar on the website. I need to do that for the Pig in May.

I got ALOT of stuff… most of it to carry incase the runners need anything during the race. I am debating HOW I am going to carry it. I stopped using a low rofile fanny pack at a marathon years ago after some post-race stomach distress. I now pin my gels to my shorts and flip them around. That won’t necessarily be prudent for this race for the other runner.

I did plant 2 Race Support Bags out on the course… around mile 21 and again at mile 24. The Mile 21 one, I have a chance to get twice, so that’s good and the Mile 24 bag is right after the “Don’t Be Cruel” Hill at Mile 24, just before crossing the Gay Street Bridge. I was going to put another, slightly different one at Mile 8, just on 3rd Creek, but I ran out of time to plant it. Given what I have to carry now, this will be fine I hope.

So, now it’s time figure out what the weather is going to be like and try to plan my attire.

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