It's cRAzCEy Week

Good Morning all you party people out there… this is your host Intergalactic Planet3rry!

This crazy week is just a precursor to the crazy weekend that we are going to have. And by crazy, I mean FUN and Exciting! But very very busy.

Today we have the 1st of 2 TV spots for ASD Athletes’ event this Saturday here in Knoxville. It’s our very first fundraiser and first event and honestly if it wasn’t for My Lovely and Talented Wife, it would probably be super sucky on our part. But since I get to be the “pleasantly eccentric” founding president, she gets to be the smart and sensible Executive Director! She’s my missing Executive Function. The other TV spot will be on Friday leading up to the event… a birthday party for one of The Elder’s former classmates at a place called BoogieDownBaby, a dance party for kids 0 to 8.

Also today, I have some pictures to burn for a friend that we went to a birthday party over the weekend. I got some good picture, but I wasn’t exactly happy with the color balance of the pictures. Most of it was under low light or cloudy conditions. I should check my settings on Stella.

I am also meeting a friend tonight to buy him a drink (which might be two or three) on his recent acquisation of a paying job that doesn’t require 1) dancing in a G-string or 2)having to steal candy from a baby. We haven’t had much time to hang out so, this was the first time that our schedules cleared up (enough) to go to the Irish Pub for an hour. If you hear someone singing (badly) Desire… that’s just me.

Gravity episode is in the editing phase. If the podcasting gods, that would be God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, smile upon me there might be an episode as early as this afternoon. AND I committed to recording my Knoxville Marathon pacer run, so that will be a couple episode worth of stuff. I actually run on the same spot where I fell during Expo 10k when I was recording in my Gravity Episode.

So, I have to run and have face time with the masses… see you after this commerical break: ASD ATHLETES

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1 Response to It's cRAzCEy Week

  1. Susan says:

    Could you BE any busier???? Wow – all good stuff! That’s the only kind of busy I like! 🙂

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