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Running Math

Here’s some new math for you… 26.2 +26.2 = Bronze Okay, maybe there are too many numbers there. Let’s Try again + = How about that? I know that maybe one or two people will know exactly what my two … Continue reading

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A Few Shots

Just a couple of shots taken while walking to dinner…

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Going Through The Big D and I DO Mean Dallas

Of course, I am making a reference to the Country & Western song: “Goin’ Through The Big D” Written by Mark Wright, Ronnie Rogers & Jon Wright Recorded by Mark Chesnutt It’s our annual trip to Dallas and once again … Continue reading

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Success Sunday

“Imagine a donut, fired from a cannon at the speed of light while rotating. Time is like that, except without the cannon and the donut. “ –Dilbert A little “Off the Wall”? Well, yes… what would you expect. I tried … Continue reading

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Gravity@1053 Episode 21

Here’s the latest, but not the greatest episode of Gravity@1053′, if you don’t already subscribe with a podcatcher/media player (e.g. iTunes, Media Monkey, Juice, etc). In this episode, I am unveiling my 2008 Fall Marathon Selection. However, it will be … Continue reading

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The Day of Thur

Wednesday night I actually got more sleep than usual. I was in bed by 11:30 (okay, it was really close to 11:30) and after a couple of games of Solitare on the Palm TX, I was alseep. The Kids woke … Continue reading

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I am actually injured on two of my appendages. Don’t worry it’s not THAT appendage, but my two injuries are rather annoying. The first and less severe is a cut across my index finger. It’s right on the tip, so … Continue reading

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