The engine is stalling

09.24.04 – The engine is stalling
I thought that I should get something in here before the weekend. I am not sure how much time I will have to update my site Saturday and Sunday. When I am on the computer, I am going to concentrate on updating Eric’s picture albums. It has been way too long since I update his pictures, he is so different.

UT’s homecoming is this weekend, which means the game is par-per-view. So the Higgins’ household will not be watching it, just listening to it on the radio. Maybe the UVA game will be on in the afternoon… just not here. We’ll have a SEC game before an ACC game, go figure.

I picked up another tutor for Tuesdays. The only drawback is that it is at 5pm, which means I have a 1 hour break between sessions. This was the time that I could out and get in some running with enough time to get showered and less stinky before my 7pm session. Technically, I could get out for an hour on the track since I will be adjacent to it, but, I truly won’t have an hour. Oh well, I need the money more than the miles.

I ran 3.1 miles last night on the treadmill and it turn out to be pretty tough. I was covered in sweat and was not able to keep up the pace I wanted or thought that I could handle. On my intervals, my tempo was slow. Not sure what that means, I guess since I don’t race more 5ks, that my speed has gone down. Although I was pleased with my pace of my 5 mile runs on Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow, I will be having a long early morning run, although tomorrow it will be just 10 miles. It should be really comfortable at 5:30, so that will make it NICE!

I am thinking about getting another digital camera, so that I have one to take to American Samoa in November. I am looking at something in the mid grade range that is compact. So far I have looked at Canon’s digital Elph and Casio’s Exilim. Both are small and compact with reasonable features. I am thinking that I only need somewhere around 2 megapixels, that way it will keep the price down. If I can get 3 great, but I’d rather invest in the memory card and an extra battery than better resolutions. The income I receive for my professional photography prints is still zero.

I am going to look at Kelty kid carriers tomorrow as well as used bikes. I’d like to get a beater bike for when I ride the bus and I want to get a carrier to stick Eric in if I want to hike or volunteer at races. Lucky for me, the bike store near my house is having a sale and Blue Ridge Mountain Sports is two doors down! Jen has a customer appreciation day at one of the local nail salons, so Eric and I will be hanging out for most of the day.

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