Fellowship of the [Wedding] Ring

I have been on a quest the past few weeks, it seems that about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I could not find my wedding ring. It was no where to be found, not in any of my bags, not in any of it’s “homes” in the house. It’s true home is in a small petri dish in our telephone desk, but was not there. I looked in places where it might have been, or had fallen, but no such luck. So why, you ask that I did not have it on? well, I do not wear when i exercise, I have helped a few friends look for rings that flew off during soccer matches. I even lost my ring at a statistics department volleyball game back in 1997/1998. I usually take it off when I get home because that way I will put it back into its home and I will know where it is at all times. One of our friends, who is getting married, commented that he shouldn’t have to wear a wedding band, since I didn’t have one. I had to confess that I made a faux pas, that I had “misplaced” it temporarily. Where, I hadn’t a clue. So, just by writing of this blog so far, you have probably guessed that I have found it. My biggest fear was that I had put it in a plastic grocery bag, as I do from time to time to carry workout clothes, and that I inadvertently threw it away because I thought it was empty. But you guessed right, I did find it. I found it in my desk, in a drawer that sometimes drop my cell phone and keys into if I do not want to carry them outside to lunch. In the drawer, I also have a baggie that I am collecting pull tabs from aluminum soda cans for one of the ladies here at work. For some reason, i decided to lift up the bag to size up how many I had collected so far. When I pulled up the bag, there it was, the ring just sitting there. “one of these things, is not like the others, one of these things do not belong”. Excitement and relief set in, I had finally found my ring. Not that I, personally, need some sort of reminder that I am married, but that the ring is precious to me. A little less stress in my life. Oh, have I told you that since I hadn’t worn it for 3-4 weeks, it’s bothering me while I type this…

Eric woke up really early this morning, like 6:15am or something crazy like that. His schedule is to wake up at 7am, right when I am leaving, but not today. Today, we think that he was hungry and that woke him up. Be brought him his milk, which right now is enriched soy milk because its cheap, and he drank that in the dark. We were hoping that it being dark, he would go back to sleep. Nope, he played in the dark for 45 minutes, while daddy had little bits of sleepiness.

In another act of slowness, I have Eric’s pictures organized and almost ready for some web albums, so the wait won’t be too much longer! You can also expect some new changed to the overall website in the near future. I am going to take some things off of it. I’ll try not to mess up the links to bad, just in case you have it bookmarked.


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