Weekend Update (so long Jimmy Fallon)

09.27.04 – Weekend Update (so long Jimmy Fallon)
In some cases it seemed that the weekend went slowly and other times it seemed like it went fast. Funny how time is relative!

Saturday morning I got up around 5:45 and finally made it out to run at 6:15ish. I ran 10.25 miles around Farragut with a pretty fast time of 1:31, averaging an 8:58 pace. This is a whole minute faster per mile than I should have been going, but I wasn’t too upset. If my speed workouts (on Thursdays) aren’t going that great, I am getting some benefits from them. The run on Saturday was very easy, and I was not sore at all on Sunday. This weekend, I have the Big South Fork 17.5 mile Trail Run. We usually go camping this weekend, but because of Mary Kay and Eric logistics, we felt that it was better to forego the camping at this time and maybe try in the spring. I didn’t want my running to interfere too much anyway. This will be my 4th time that I have run the race and my PR for the course is 2hrs 51min. I think that I can do better than that this year and I can make it under 2:50.

I did not have a chance to put any pictures up, nor work on the website at all. If I had a larger USB drive, I could carry our whole jenandterry.com website on it and be able to edit it from – wherever. Currently, the website resides on my computer at home and my side of the website is on my flash drive since it is only 11 MB. I have been playing the eBay game to try to get one cheap, but so far I have been out bided each time.

Saturday, Jen had her customer appreciation day at LyLy Nails in Knoxville and so the boys were able to cause havoc by ourselves. Well, we didn’t cause to much trouble. After getting Jen set up with her table and stuff, we went to the bike store to check out the used bike sale. I am looking for a beater bike that I can take to school with little investment (in case it vanishes). We also went to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports to look at kid carriers for Eric. We found one from Kelty that was really nice. It was the Back Country model and Eric was having a blast in it.

Eric was walking more this weekend. I did get video of it that I can download off the camera, so hopefully, that will be up shortly. Of course, I have been saying that I would update the website for how long now? I know, I know.

UT won their homecoming game against Louisiana Tech. This particular game was pay per view in the area, so we listened to it on the radio. Sounds like we might have a better idea of who the quarterback is going to be now. UVA won again too. They are doing very well this season, winning under the radar. Furman lost this weekend, but just barely. They lost in overtime to Pittsburgh (Div I-A) team, whom they were leading by 14 points in the 4th quarter. Green Bay also lost, again, this weekend.


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