Speed Work and Carwashes

Not that anyone noticed, but in my last post I only mentioned two of three disciplines of triathlons. The 3rd, which was last night was Speed Intervals, which are done to (just as the name implies) increase your speed. The sessions are shorter than your average runs and should not be more than 10% of your total weekly mileage. A standard term in interval training is “repeats” for example, if I see someone write “2x 800m tempo” or “2x 800m tempo,90” this means that I will run 800 meters (1/2mile) at my Tempo pace with a 90 second recovery run, then will repeat once.

My session yesterday, some with Marty ended up like this:
1.5 mile warm up (9:00-10:00 pace)
800m speed interval (7:46 pace)
400m recovery (9:30 pace)
400m speed interval (8:08 pace)
200m recovery (9:30 pace)
2x 100m sprint intervals with 100m recovery walks

There were some standing around time and stretching between the actual intervals, so don’t think that I did all this in one continuous session. The 800m repeat was tough and so I did only 1. I was running out of time so I ditched the 200m repeats I wanted to do and only did 1 400m repeat because I wanted those 100m sprint repeats… and it felt like I was FLYING.

Last night I was a little sore when I got back to the house, but it was the good kind of sore. I took two ibuprofen and was feeling fine this morning. I went to the pool today at lunch for another training session, actually, my last pool workout before the race. I think that I am going to ditch working out on Friday since I don’t want to over do it before the race, plus I think I’ll now be watching Eric while Jen is at her next doctor’s appointment (no ultrasound) so that’ll preclude me from working out anyway.

I had forgotten to mention that on Monday afternoon, I took Eric to the automated carwash so that I could wash the Civic. I thought that he would enjoy himself, but it seems that he did not. He started getting upset and tried to reach for me while in his carseat. After traumatizing the boy, we went straight home. Jen got some funny pictures of Eric from yesterday. I’ll have to download them when i get a chance.

Website update: I have added a script that generates a random running based quote. I collect 299 quotes this morning and put the script in and is up and running. You can get there by going to my website (if you are accessing in LiveJournal) and then clicking on the RUNNING link up in the header.

Miles for 2005 = 144.5
Miles for April = 10.1


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