3 Disciplines – 2 Days

With the Trideltathon looming on Sunday, I thought that it would be a good time to get some triathlete workouts in before the big race. Now, the workouts that I am doing is only to refamiliarize my body with what is involved with competing in triathlons. Triathlons are traditionally, swim then bike then run, but there are some that do it reverse order, such as the old format of the Trideltathon. Triathlons also come in a variety of sizes as well. The Trideltathon is considered a Sprint triathlon since the discipline distances are “short”, a 0.25 mile swim, a 6 mile bike and a 3 mile run. This size of triathlons are very attractive since they do not involve the rigors of longer distance such as the Olympic distance (0.9mile/25mile/6.2mile), Half Ironman (1.2mile/56mile/13.1mile) and Ironman(2.4mile/112mile/26.2mile).

So yesterday, I workout at lunchtime in the pool. I swam about half a mile and estimated my 400m time to be about 9:30 minutes. Well, I put down 9:00 minutes on my entry form, that way I will be seeded a little higher (start earlier) so that I can have some space to myself in the pool. I was a little sore this morning in my arms but no worse for the wear. I'll be going back to the pool tomorrow as well.

Today, I went to the T-Recs building at lunch and got on the bike for the first time in forever. I managed to get in 8.1 miles in 25 minutes. I doubt that my pace will be that good given real terrain on my bike but we will see. I'll be back on the bike Friday at lunch.

Now as a forecast of what I might do at the Trideltathon, I put down some time splits. I would really like to be under an hour this year. In 2004 I was just under 1 hour but in 2003 I had risen to 1hr 2 minutes and given my current training log, I want to keep it under 60 mins. SO here are my proposed split times for me to finish right at one hour:

discipline Time
swim 09:25
transition 01:50 (get out of the pool, put on socks/shoes, shirt & get bike)
bike 20:30
transition 01:00 (ditch bike and hit the road)
run 27:15
total 1:00:00

while I was riding the bike today at lunch, I got to see the excitement about the new pope. I didn't get to see the actual announcement of Pope Benedict XVI, but I caught it as I was leaving the building.

We have a busy week this week. Jen has a Mary kay even in the evening every night (Mon-Thurs) and on Tue/Thur I have tutoring. Plus Chris is crashing for the night on Thursday and then we are having Gray and Lauri in on Friday for the weekend. Saturday Jen has another MK event in the afternoon while gray and I get our race numbers. Sunday is race day, and the All You Can Eat ribs at Calhoun's along with frosty mugs of Marty Beer


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