14 Day Sugar Detox – Day 4

This isn’t the first time that I have done something drastic. Back in late August of 2003, I did the Atkins Eating Plan for a month. Basically, I was upset because I was “overweight”. At the time, I was pushing 178lbs, mainly from sympathy weight from Jen’s pregnancy with The Elder. I need to do something about it and it had to be fast and furious, I wasn’t happy with the way that I looked and felt. So, I went on what I called a “modified Atkins”, I don’t remember the specifics of the modification but if I recall, my number of carbohydrates was 20g per day. The plan was to last until just before my birthday so that I could have CAKE!

Over the course of the eating plan, I dropped down to 159lbs and while I lost a lot of weight and saw some of the desired results, I was not a happy person to be around. GRRRRRR. This feels more manageable because it’s just 14 days, I’m not trying to lose weight, and it easier for me to abstain from sugars rather than being able to have just a little per day.

Day 4 – 5/15/14 Thursday

Weight: 172


I was going to run at lunchtime, but the rain persuaded me to stay in. It wasn’t a hard sell either, as I was feeling fatigued and while I wanted to run I didn’t. I had a lot more food available to me during the day and that really helped. I was still hungry, but the feeling of hunger wasn’t as pronounced. Felt pretty good in the evening with my energy levels, didn’t crash at all even multi-tasking with folding laundry while watching Doctor Who.

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