14 Day Sugar Detox – Day 3

Support from Jen has been crucial these first few days. As my body is turning on the “Crave” function to get the sugar BACK into the body, it’s tough… because the body is weak especially when it comes to a delightful, creamy, decadent milk chocolate morsel.

So when Jen said that she would support me in this endeavor, that was when I knew I could do it.

Everyday, so far, I have come home hungry… almost hangry . She asks me how I feel and then suggests, “Go get some ham”. Then, after I have something in my belly, she gives me a hug and says that she’s proud of me. That’s worth than any benefits to my health this may bring.


Day 3  – Wednesday 5/14/14

Weight: 174


Today was another hungry pretty much all day during work. However, the sunflower and pumpkin seeds that I had helped a bunch, so the level of hunger wasn’t too terrible. Also today, I had a double workout. I ran 3.35 miles at lunch time at an “Easy” pace and then had Taekwondo later that night.

My legs felt very, very sluggish during the run for the first mile or so. Then they felt better for the rest of run. My split times (which I have yet to collect from my watch) were slower, so I was probably in the right range for an Easy pace rather than a faster Tempo Pace.

Afterwards, legs felt achy for the rest of the afternoon which led me to speculate how Taekwondo was going to be that night. Turned out that Taekwondo went just fine.



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