Sah-wing Better Batter Sah-wing

The kids woke up to no Easter Baskets filled with candy or toys or anything like that. It’s part of our “Don’t Tell, Don’t Know” plan we have here in Planet3rry Central. If we don’t tell them about an Easter Basket, they won’t know to want one. But with The Elder being in public kindergarten, that’s going to be short lived. Of course, we’ll just manipulate the information. “Sure, you can have an Easter basket, and since this is the Swahili year of the Tree, that means that all of your Easter Gifts have to be made out of paper.

As much as I enjoy helping the kids do stuff that they probably shouldn’t do for safety reason by themselves… but since they are intelligent, I would rather supervise them and be there, as opposed to them trying the same thing when NO one is around just for a joyride to the Hospital in the Ambulance. Oh, if they KNEW they could ride in an ambulance… I think they would try to fake it. Okay, I wrote myself in a circle, I was starting with one thing and then went all around it and now I am lost. Oh well.
090412batterNow, I did make a special treat for the Family. I made some Gluten Free and (Just About) Casein Free Brownies! I used a new flour with an ancient recipe that I know by heart. If you are going to know anything by heart… screweth the Shakespeare… I good chocolate rec
ipe tis a better choice I pray!090412better The flour that I used was called Better Batter. And Yes, EVERYTIME we say it we do want to say Better Batter Baseball. That’s a toy that the kids were trying to win. It’s Baseball for the only child, more or less.

The result of the Brownies… “Mmmmm Tasty!” Most GF Chocolate foods taste like… well, chocolate cardboard or something close to it…they were indeed NOT of that variety. Moist and evenly cooked, with the edge of the Brownies a little more tougher to satisfy those with the “Edge Fetish” (and you know who you are!).

Now, the end result wasn’t identical to the regular recipe. The biggest difference was that despite the 4 eggs, the brownies weren’t all that cakey. They were about 1/2in thick and I had thought it would be around 1in or so. But this did not affect the texture or taste of the brownies, I even wonder if I could have used less eggs and still had the same result.

Well, since it’s not a National Secret, I guess I can share it with anyone who wants it:

[Preheat oven to 350F and grease a pan of your choice… 9×13 standard works]

2/3 Shortening (Crisco is my pick)

4oz Unsweetened Chocolate

[Heat these two together until it’s a liquid, just short of boiling]

2c sugar (Haven’t tried alternatives yet)

[Stir that in, Makes a nice choco-sugar substance]

4 eggs

1 tsp Vanilla

[Mix ’em into the batter]

Now we get into Chose Your Own Baking Adventure

if you want to use the Better Batter Flour choose “A”

if you want to use the Regular Gluten All Purpose Flour choose “B”

A) Better Batter

1.25c of Better Batter Flour

1 tsp of salt

[Mix’em into the batter, and put it in the pan]


[put in oven and bake for 30…]

B) Gluten APF

1.25c of AP Flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp of baking powder

[Mix’em into the batter, and put it in the pan]


[put in oven and bake for 30…]

All this recipe talk is making me hungry.


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