3 Day Weekend Relativity

I am sitting here with just minutes away from Easter Sunday. Perhaps, we should get the Kids an Easter Basket…. eh, that’s just one MORE thing that they’ll be begging for each year. I know I did. Of course, I am waiting for Easter Candy Monday, 50% and if you wait until later in the week, everything will be 75% off. And in two weeks, Wal-Mart will have BOXES of Egg Coloring Kits for about 90% off. Thank you Jesus for the candy prices and all that other stuff you did!

However, there is part of me that thinks that I need to go to work tomorrow. And what stinks is that I didn’t run on Saturday and since I perceive it as Sunday Night, I feel like I am behind. However, I can run tomorrow morning or afternoon or something tomorrow. I am thinking of something around 15ish… This past week was full of Tempo-y speed stuff.

And another warning… It’s going to be Race Week… that means that there will be more Crap to Win! Stay Tuned! It’s a local 5k, so I should be able to make it to the finishline…

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1 Response to 3 Day Weekend Relativity

  1. Susan says:

    I’ve had zero candy. We don’t have any. Problem solved! 🙂

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