Hanging out Off the Face of the Earth

You might think that I have been camping out Off the Face of the Earth, but really I haven’t. I have been busy enough with home and work that my blog reading and writing has gone into a hibernation state. But thank goodness that nothing last forever… okay Uranium has a really long half life and diamonds not only are really pretty can take a beating.

So this is a Mid-Week Update and hopefully the start of something beautiful or at least some writing that has some substance to it.

So Monday I didn’t run because of a sharp pain in my throat, a sore throat to be exact and I was in fear that I would be Down and Out with a cold. However, a sore throat was my only symptom. Weird. But when lunchtime rolled around, I wasn’t going to risk worsening my condition, so I sat at my desk and sobbed that I couldn’t run tried to organize from the weekend.

Tuesday I actually got back out on the road and tried a new course that I call Squiggy Fort. See you run in Fort Sanders and the path makes it look like you are squiggling on the map. I’ll map the course and you can see for yourself. But it was a 3.25 mile course that I’ll want to expand to 4 miles if I can. It has a good number of short and steep hills that will be good for the ever popular Hill Workouts. Some Tuesdays My Lovely and Talented Wife has events or meetings or other things that occupy her and Cris has the kids, so this is a Bonus Day for me to do stuff (read: Run Errands). Now, it’s also the Finance Day were I sit down and Roll Dice, Play the Stock Market, Do Off Shore Betting, Online Casinoing, Pay Bills, Create a Budget, Send Money to Gurtha Noombada from Africa (that’s such a sad story), etc. Okay, I really only do a few of these things.

So nothing says “I have a chance to run” than going to Concord Park and running some trails. Concord Park is close to my house, it’s so loopy that I can basically run any distance and still be close to the car and it’s shaded. It Also provides good practice for the 17.5 mile Trail run in Big South Fork that I am running in September. So, I managed to bang out a 3.28 mile trail run at an 9:30 average pace. This is great because I am reaping the effects of my speed work outs in July and August, along with my 5k last week. Now, I do have to get some endurance runs in now so that I can last the 17.5 miles, but I think that is manageable.

I did take Wednesday (the day I am writing this) off and hung out at the pool since I was a little fatigued from Tuesday’s Run. I am running with Soon To Be Doctor David tomorrow and want to be rested with running with the young whipper snapper.

Dang, I ran out of time again… this work stuff is for the birds. We have a multi-million dollar contract on the line (basically everyone’s job) and so I have been running around using my Super Computer Ninja Skills to get it ready. It’s pretty much done… well, it’s in the hands of Kinko’s right now, waiting for the insane number of copies. [queue Keystone Cop Theme Music] It’s not a Government Proposal unless there are multiple hoops, redundant tasks and enough tape to do something like this



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0 Responses to Hanging out Off the Face of the Earth

  1. Susan says:

    Busy, busy boy!

  2. Marianna says:

    Ummmmm…. T???? What is that picture?! LOL

    Get un-busy already, will ya?!


  3. Michael says:

    What?! No update on the bag?! Tease!

  4. DPeach says:

    How many days am I going to have to plan there so that we can run in all these cool places? Fortunately I will pass in and out of there often. But, not if you are going to make me wear a shiny suit like that to run there.

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