The Suit

No, that handsome fellow is not me, I was going for that there was so much “red tape” with a Government contract that you could make a dress out of it (or other fashionable clothes). The dude in the picture is actually a Duct Tape Guru and has workshops on how to make Duct Tape clothing and other accessories (such as wallets).

I did find another site that had red duct tape clothing, HERE is the link. [ed. Thanks Leesa for the heads up on the link!] Now, it’s a woman’s top (I could tell from the larger protrusions in the chest area… I’m smurt) but the dude is wearing in it to give himself some man-boobs. Anyway, the cool thing was that the post below it had running bibs!

On a side note: If my daughter went to the prom in a red duct tape dress, I would approve it. Just think how hard it would be to get out of it. Hmmmm… but if you are a determined horny master of duct tape, you will find a way…


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0 Responses to The Suit

  1. Leesa says:

    Ok..I don’t see a photo, but…. I’ve had duct tape stuck to my skin before and it hurts!
    If I were in that duct tape prom dress.. horny boy would be gettin’ nothin’. 🙂

  2. Marianna says:

    Owie, P3! That’s just brutal! LOL


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