Hacker Slacker

During the week, it is my goal to wake up at 5am no matter what time that I wake up. This way, I can wake up on my own accord and get things done before Eric and Jen are up. For the past 4-5 weeks, this has been the case. In fact, the last 2 weeks, I have been cognitive enough before 6am to do mundane things such as pay bills, cook, clean the house, etc. I gave myself Sundays to sleep in an extra 2 hours.

Well, saturday was that day. I slept in until 7 (when Eric wakes up). So that meant NO Saturday morning long run… Crap! My intention was to go 8 or 10 miles to have some mileage under my belt before the baby. Oh well. There was still Sunday. With Jen's parents and sister coming into town on Saturday night, Sunday morning was shot too. We stayed up late and I slept in late as well. So no running in the AM on the weekend. I had wanted to run in the evening after dinner but Jen's Mom made some delicious ribs that I ate too much and so I didn't feel like working out.

Also, less than 2 days with Filipinos here at the house and already I have put on over 3 pounds. I am now knocking on the door of 171. So, if I can get maybe 30 minutes of running in today, that will help stoke the furnace in my belly because I know that plates of calories are awaiting me back home tonight.


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