I was able to crank out 3.1 miles on the treadmill in 27 minutes last night. I thought that I could go for four, but no-could-do. I did do specific negative splits on the miles with a quick catch my breath in between the miles. I ended up feeling pretty strong after the run and I smelled pretty strong too.

Since I was able to get 3 speedy miles (instead of 5 Trail miles) I designated Friday as my rest day. So that meant no swimming at lunch.

Looks like we only have one more week for the baby. 6am Friday morning unless the baby comes early. So that means that I should be able to have a “normal” workout week next week barring any scheduling conflict with our babysitters. Actually, Jen's mom will be here, so that should work in my favor. Woo-Hoo!

As for tomorrow, I think I am going to pencil in 10 miles tomorrow. I think because I won't be able to run next week and then some… so if I can get some mileage in to “carry me” over those days when there is limited running or working out… mainly because of lack of sleep! We will see.

On another running topic. Sunday is our Adopt-a-Road day for the Knoxville Track Club and am going to try to do that and help volunteer. I think it would be fun and would only take two hours. THe nice thing about the KTC is that if you volunteer at most events you get a coupon good towards having your entry fee waived. 3 coupons covers most of the races. I have 2 now, but did not get one for Expo, so maybe I can get that coupon as well.


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