Thursday workout

Yesterday was a good running day for me. I met up with Marty to do a nice easy run. Although I should have known that since Marty is in better running form that a easy day for him is a tempo day for me, right now. Anyway, we met up at the UT track and was going to run out Third Creek to the Super Bi-Lo and back. Our trip would be around 7.3 miles given our starting point. We cruised out there and had a fairly good and quick run out to the Bi-Lo, I had measured one of our miles and it was a 9:15 pace. It was a little difficult for me but not enough that I couldn’t keep talking although I was getting a stitch in my side. we lallygagged in Bi-Lo for a while as we got some water. Marty used his charm to get Angel, bakery person to offer us some of her own personal Coconut Macaroons. Now this is an example that runners will eat anything when they are in the zone because I don’t like coconut but I sure ate the macaroon. I noticed on my watch that I had to get back quickly so that I could shower before my tutor session.

I finally got Marty out of the store and we started to cruise back toward campus. I measured one of our miles at a 8:55 and again, it wasn’t that bad even though it was faster. We made it back with me have 5 minutes to spare. I ended up only washing my face and extra sweaty as I went to tutor.

Split Times:
Out: 3.7 miles in 36:43 minutes for an average 9:56 pace
Out: 3.6 miles in 34:07 minutes for an average 9:22 pace

Miles for March = 17.4
Miles for 2005 = 151.8


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