Gray arrives

We had a touch of cold weather here in East Tennessee starting on Friday afternoon, enough to prompt me to keep checking the weather for the Trideltathon on Sunday morning. Each time that I looked, it was getting colder and colder. From 36 to 34 and then the “feels like” temperature prediction of 32 then 29 and then 26. I could just imagine getting pneumonia again with temperatures like that.

Gray and Lauri showed up around 2am and proceeded to get right to sleep. I didn’t blame them.

The only pressing matter on Saturday’s Agenda was to go to Swim and Tri for packet pickup. Also we wanted to take them to Tijuana Taco because this is a awesome local mexican restaurant. It’s like a gourmet Taco Bell only better. My favorite is the Nachos which is easily a HUGE meal.

we made it out to Swim and Tri around 3pm so that we could attend a Beginner’s clinic they were having. Gray wanted Lauri to see what was involved or really get some information from professionals on how to be effective in triathlons. The nice thing about the Trideltathon is that the short format, you can go all out in each of the discipline and be fine. Also, you don’t need to train as hard to just complete the distance. The clinic was not very informative in terms of information about triathlons in general. It was very informative about the Trideltathon though. So it was worth hanging out in the cold. The one thing that we found out was because of the cold, the format was being reversed. That is, the run was first, then bike and then into the pool. Even though I like the traditional format, this was going to suit me just fine, because I would have a smaller chance of getting sick this way. Plus the pool is indoors and heated!

We also had a good time at Tijuana Taco afterwards. We tried to see some of the NFL draft and how are teams were picking. Lauri’s grandparent has season tickets to the Steelers, so she goes to a game once a year. Gray is a big Raiders fan and I like Green Bay. Jen doesn’t have an absolute favorite team but likes football in general. After Tijuana Taco and all of us stuffed out of our minds, we went to Ross to get some clothes for Eric. Since the change in weather, we have run out of clothes for Eric to wear. He has about 6 outfits that fit him and are seasonal for the spring time. So he constantly wearing the same thing over and over. Well, we picked up a few new outfits from Ross, so at least we potentially have a choice on what he is going to wear. Dessert was on the menu now… a trip to Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream. I actually didn’t get any ice cream but everyone else enjoyed the treats.

Gray and I ended up watching Star Wars that night. He ad brought with him some Arrogant Bastard Ale in 22oz bottles for us, which was very good. It had around a 7% alcohol content, which meant that only one bottle was sufficient to provide the desired effect.

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