Look what I did


Notice something different? Yep, you guessed it… I had Jen cut my hair. Why? well, I was trying to let it grow out, and was trying to get some thing like Johnny Depp or John Travolta (in Swordfish) or even Harry Connick Jr. However, I have enough curl in my hair to keep it from lying straight. If I want straight hair, I have to use a straight iron to mash my hair and then apply a bunch of product to keep it tame. If I do not straighten my locks or have any product in my hair, I look like this:

Yard Work

It was a rather surprise for the people at church because they had just seen me at church service a mere 4 hours earlier with my long hair and when we went to our Purpose Driven Life class, it was short!

This weekend was a good football weekend, everyone came out of it with a “W”. UT had a conference win against arch-rival Alabama, Furman shut out Elon, UVa beat up on Duke and the Packers won. The only thing left to find out is if my Fantasy Football team, The Knoxvillians, can muster a win this week. I hope so because I am next to last and there is not much separating us.

We went to our first Saltshaker on Friday night and one the guys is a big photographer. He has a 6.0 MP camera that he primarily uses. I was very impressed with his work. It inspired me to get to learn more. If you know of any good photography theory website, please let me know.


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