It’s Thursday already?

This blog update was supposed to be up for yesterday, but I got behind with a bunch of things and so, here it is today instead. This week has flown by, seems like it was just monday but, nope here it is on Thursday. Most of my time was consumed reconstructing my “about me” page (which is on the black strip above), so if you get an inkling to check it out after you are done, please feel free. I think I did an okay job on it being my first attempt at collage and mapping an image. If I really understood Photoshop, that would help.

Speaking of photo related stuff, I think that I am going to pursue photography as a hard-core hobby. I have really enjoyed having a small camera with me, plus having the ability to use Pete’s SLR camera. I will now have to learn about the flash and the proper way to use it. I have been inundating myself in photography websites, seeing techniques, content and lighting. I figured that I would stay pretty safe with nature photos, but would like to expand into head shot and stuff like that.

Jen has signed up one new member with another very interested, so that is very exciting. I have posted new picture albums of Eric, in case you went here directly.

I am getting ready for American Samoa, in fact I will begin to start lying out clothes and other things that I will take with me. Here is a picture of car that I saw on wednesday walking to the aquatic center. It made me miss the Mr. Arfns Mobile although, I never needed this much duct tape!

Duct Car

The last part of this post is about Callaway Landing which is located just down the road from me that is being threatened by the addition of the local waste water treatment plant.

Callaway Landing

[from their website] Present day Callaway’s Landing is a 50-acre remnant of a 154 year old, 600-acre river bottom family farm in Farragut/Concord, Knox County, Tennessee. It straddles the southern end of Concord Road with most of the farm within the corporate limits of the Town of Farragut, while the remainder resides in Knox County, in an area traditionally called Concord. The main farm house (known as the Big House) constructed in 1911, the marble barn of similar vintage, a post Civil War sharecroppers shack, a World War II vintage apartment built for and used in support of the defense department efforts in Oak Ridge, and a 1940’s style gas station and store stand as mute testimony to the sometimes flowery history of the farm known as Callaway’s Landing.

Callaway Landing Map


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