Date Night

Mondays are our Date Nights. We have our Au Pair put the kids down so that we can recharge as a couple from the weekend. Typical date night includes going to dinner and usually followed with some shopping or something like that. About once every 3 months, we’ll go to a movie at the $2 theatre when the fancy strikes us.

So yesterday My Lovely and Talented Wife were IMing each other and I said that I wanted to eat Mexican for dinner. We have a good Mexican place and well, Mexican is my Fave Food. When I got home, she told me that they didn’t go to Party City like planned and would going to the Irish Pub be a good place since Party City is 3 Doors Down.

[Insert Video of me doing an Irish Jig in acceptance of the proposition]

Now, there’s a few things that you think of when you go to an Irish Pub: Fights & Beer. I was thinking of the latter, as in… what was I going to get? Well, I first thought of a Black & Tan (1/2 Guinness and 1/2 Bass). Then I thought that I would get another Irish Imported Beer to try.

Walking toward the pub, I had my decision made for me, by a Jedi Mind Trick:


But then it I read the sign closer. And then I realized that someone failed to use the resources right there… I mean, can it get anymore helpful? I was so captivated by this sign and its message that I went BACK outside after we were seated to take this picture.

But that sealed the deal. I had to get a Guinness.


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0 Responses to Date Night

  1. Stacie says:

    UGH…Guiness *holds stomach and looks away*

    You might like a little thing I tried this weekend…it’s called an “Irish Car Bomb” I don’t recommend it…
    *runs to bathroom to wretch at the very thought*

    Needless to say, I had a VERY bad experience with Guiness this past weekend…I don’t want to talk about it. 😦

    (and no…I’m not posting the video)

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