Neck pain, Knoxville, Marine Corps

It’s 53 degrees outside and they kicked us (the recreational swimmers) outside to swim. Out in the cold. Actually it was pretty darn comfortable ONCE you were in the water and moving!

What really sucked this morning was that I woke up this morning with a sore neck. It actually hurts to look forward, but when I try to look to the left it becomes excruciating painful. I tried to give myself a deep tissue massage on the neck and that helps but it doesn’t really last. I would love to cut open my neck, pull the muscle out, kneed it a bunch of times and put it back. Now that would be great… anyone got a Time-Life Book Homemade Surgeries?

Oh well, on another note, I am about to send in my entry form for the Knoxville Marathon and my training will begin Oct 31st. Actually, that will be the start of my “base” training. My hardcore training will begin Dec 5th and I will follow a home cooked 16 week plan. I laid it all out on an earlier post, but I have had to tweak it a bit here and there to follow what I can and can not do.

One funny thing during the swim today and I really digress back to my college days… I had posted previously that there was writing on the pool floor… well, now there were pictures. Immature pictures of the male anatomy that when I finlly saw it and realized what I was looking at, I sort of chuckled a little bit. Who would take the time to draw something like that on the bottom (we are talking 12-14 feet deep) of the pool? Maybe the SCUBA class or something… okay, back to civilized thinking.

Looking forward to the weekend. The only football game (Furman and Virginia are both on byes) is the UT/South Carolina game. UT really needs the win, but it is against Fulmer’s arch nemesis Steve Spurrier, so you never know. Things against us: Our Main running back Riggs is out, We are favored by 14 points. Things for us: It’s at night. It’ll be on ESPN2 at 7:45; so you will know where I will be.

Sunday is the Marine Corp Marathon and gregmce will be running for a PR time. I have him down for 4:39:25 (I think) at his Guess His Time contest. I KNOW that he will finish under 5 hours. I should have looked at the weather first though. Hmmmph. The statistician in me would rather calculate a confidence interval. Sunday night is our church’s Trunk or Treat. Basically a safe Halloween event where people dress up their trunks (of their vehicles) and kiddos get sugary sweetness. Eric won’t wear a costume, so we will see what he does this year.


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