Tuesday Ramblings

I saw the doctor today on a non pneumonia cause, but we talked more about the pneumonia and its effect. Although I won't be able to run the marathon, I will be able to volunteer for it without any problems. So I sent in my volunteer form in tonight but I don't know the capacity in which I shall be working.

I will be able to start walking soon, as my only form of exercise. I'll be going back to the docs for a chest xray in the first part of April for my “Free and Clear” checkup. I won't be doing any hardcore running until then, but there is a 5k that weekend, so i can gage where my conditioning lies. I would really like to start swimming again, but that is a no-go.

Pete is coming to Knoxville this weekend under the guise of taking a class at UT next week. Well, he is taking the class, so I should be able to meet up with him for lunch, at least one of the days. It'll be interesting to see if he thinks that Eric has grown any since Christmas! (haha)

Today was another weird weather day. We had snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. No accumulation, but no real rise in temperature. We should be having the same cool weather for the rest of the week… blah.


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