Fireball5k and Internship

Things are moving ahead, sometimes at Warp Speed sometimes at a mosey. Our appointment on Monday had us excited at the fact that most of the prelabor stuff that Jen’s body needs to do is already done. The doctor even suggested a time frame of events and how to best coordinate the babies size and a natural delivery. So basically, we are playing the waiting game. It is up for Monkey Boy to decide when he is going to make his grand entrance. Could be today, could be next week. Who knows?

Tonight I am running in the Fireball Classic 5k here in Knoxville. It is one of the top races here in Knoxville and I expect to fall some when in the middle since there will be a lot of talent in town.

My internships are going well. TVA has launched their company wide culture survey and we are doing dry runs of the reports. Once the survey closes (7-25) then we will be cranking out a couple hundred reports. UT is staying diverse with analyzing data on a Boy Scout survey to creating a survey about thought on the future. So both places are going really well.


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