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2013 Running Yearly Recap

I don’t believe that I have shared my annual running totals in a couple of years but I am including my Running Numbers for 2013 Using my running history from 1999-2012, 2013 was an average year Average Mileage (1999-2012): 467.9 … Continue reading

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Closing the Books

I hadn’t done the oblitory post by runners of the end results of the previous year of running and then onto the next year’s goals. The main reason for this is that given my last post… I hadn’t finished logging … Continue reading

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Ending the Year

I logged in a total of 572.4 miles for 2007. It was the second most mileage next to 2006’s total of 665.4 and about 8 miles more than the 3rd highest year (2002) of 564.55. It was the 4th time … Continue reading

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2005 Running Recap

2005 was a lean running year for me in a number of different ways. First of all, I only ran 8 races the entire year which is 3 less than 2003 when I ran 11 races. I finished with 452.2 … Continue reading

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