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Long Run Flipside

Strange things can occur on the long run. This past Sunday, I had something of a time altering experience in which I am driven to write about this small happening rather than finishing up the post that I have dedicated … Continue reading

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3 Day Weekend Relativity

I am sitting here with just minutes away from Easter Sunday. Perhaps, we should get the Kids an Easter Basket…. eh, that’s just one MORE thing that they’ll be begging for each year. I know I did. Of course, I … Continue reading

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Saint of the Day

Let me tell you… things have been busy for me. In fact, write now, I am writing this remotely from the Planet3rry Global Headquarters when I should be home by now. Computer work for a friend… So, I have a … Continue reading

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Double Tapped to the Head

This past week has been a doosy. If it wasn’t one big thing then it was a HUGE thing (or two). On Monday, I left work early because My Lovely and Talented Wife was sick, really sick. I was gone … Continue reading

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Been Busy

Things have been a little frantic in the P3 Universe this week both at work and at home. I did have a good run on Tuesday that is worthy of a blog post of it’s own (i.e. you run faster … Continue reading

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Wages and Tags and Updates… Oh MY!

I woke up with morning at the nape of Dawn… that’s slightly higher than the Crack… HAHAHA. Actually, it was around 3am and I could not go back to sleep. Thankfully, I had gone to bed early and so it … Continue reading

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I have been on a RAMPAGE this morning. I don’t know what it is about “this” Monday, but I have been very productive. I wonder if it was the fact that the second I opened up my eyes and saw … Continue reading

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