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Computer Movement in T minor

Let me just tell you that when our Computer Technician requests some time off, I will DEMAND to give authorization. Sure, I don’t have Supreme Executive Power at work, but I have been working my butt off this week. That … Continue reading

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That which of me, is mine

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now and it seems that the days slip on by and nothing was getting written. Over two weeks and no post written on the blog about what I was doing … Continue reading

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Rain or Flood

This week, when it has rained… it has POURED. One of the rains earlier this week lasted about an hour, but it filled up alot of my Hydrogen Dioxide Collection Units. Of course, with lots of rain in the forecast … Continue reading

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My Kingdom for a Key

Thursday is Terry day, that is, I have from 5-9pm to do just about anything that I want to do. The first thing that is on the list is to spend time with my guy friends, doing something manly like … Continue reading

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I thought the rain would never stop. But it did for a day or two, now our part of the world has to get back to normal. Nothing too new to report. I played soccer last night for the first … Continue reading

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