Failure to Launch

Back in December, I laid out my plans for my running year 2015. I’m working on taking my planning capability for running and apply it to other aspects of my life, because I can plan out running in a year, yet I find myself asking, “What do we have to eat?”.

2015 was supposed to be THE year that I (finally) broke the 4-hour mark. I was going to finish a marathon in less than 4 hours. It didn’t matter if it was 3:59:59, it was going to happen. The plan was to run Flying Monkey at the end of November (as a training run) and then 3 weeks later, run Rocket City. Then in April, things changed. Other things broke instead, unfortunately is was Jen’s knee and priorities changed.

I ended up not running the Expo 10k (May) or Fireball 5k (July). I did work the Fireball 5k at the water stop and was able to run before and after the event, it just wasn’t a race for me. I missed the early registration for the Farragut Half Marathon (Oct 31), so that makes it a little too expensive to do that race plus the Foothills Half Marathon (Nov 1) in the same weekend.


Running Rocket City this year isn’t going to happen. Financially, it’s not a smart move for us to head to Huntsville, AL for the weekend. So, I’ll have to put on hold taking a shot at under 4 hours. 


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