14 Day Sugar Detox – Days 6 & 7

I am in the initial process (i.e. just thinking) of how I will reintroduce sugar and what rules I will make in my sugar consumption. I don’t think that I will track the actual numbers of what I eat, which I did back in my “modified” Atkins regiment of 2003, but rather an allocation of sugar yumminess. For example, one of the eating rules for The Boys is they may have 1 dessert a day. The definition of said “dessert”, by crafty design of My Lovely and Talented Wife, is ambiguous and we have liberty as to what is and what is not a dessert.

Since I know this methodology works, I am leaning toward something like this, so that I have some guidelines of moderation. I’m planning on making some sort of checklist that I can follow, so that it will be easy and visual. My goal is to present it on the Friday the 23rd post.


Day 6 – 5/17/14 Saturday; Weight: 171.2

Day 7 – 5/18/14 Sunday; Weight 171.2


It’s much tougher being at the house all day and trying to avoid eating certain things. I made bread in the bread machine and I stopped myself when I went to eat the dough stuck to the spatula. Then the aroma of the bread didn’t help.  Now when Jen asked if she could eat some cake, that was fine… not a problem with that.

I ate some popcorn during Family Movie Night (Friday) because that is what we do. Technically, I can eat corn, but I think it’s referring to unprocessed corn… not popcorn, but I’m going with it.

Sunday proved to be pretty comfortable in the hunger-type games. I typically have coffee with some creamer at our church’s coffee bar, but had to settle for black… no issues. My meals consisted of curry chicken salad and cheese.



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