14 Day Sugar Detox – Day 1

It was an awesome idea by My Lovely and Talented Wife to go on a 14 Day Sugar Detox program. Of course, there was a microsecond that my mind said “NOOOO”, by my logical neurons kicked in because I have been eating crap, specifically candy available from the Evil People here at work, like it was going out of style.

Not only is my wife Lovely and Talented but she is Damn Smart, so when she has a suggestion or idea, I know it will positively benefit me. But sometimes (read: Almost Always), I’m stubborn, so while I know that it is good idea, I still have to convince myself it is a good idea. I typically run through all possible scenarios (like the computer in War Games) to come up with a conclusion. But then I embrace it and start to plan.

It was about a week or so BEFORE I announced it on Facebook that I was actually going to do it. In fact, I did it so that I would hold myself accountable and give me a hard date to “Do or Die”. I was initially going to start on Sunday, but with my In-Laws in town, it was a better idea to start on Monday 5/12.

So what to expect: a blog everyday with my thoughts, reactions, insights and whatever else I have to say. I think I’ll have it in 3 sections: Blabber about the Detox (such as the above), then my Data Collection (See Below), and then The Analysis (what did I learn). But I might change it. Also, I don’t get to a computer much over the weekends, so the Weekend Update might be a 2-fer and come on Monday. But I have the WordPress App on my phone, just for this type of situation. So now… the Data


I’m not expecting to lose weight because  my intention is not to CUT calories, but I know that if most of calories are coming from junk, then I’m bound to have less caloric intake.

Weight: 176lbs (Technically I’m Overweight according to the BMI calculator)

I took a picture for the “Before” picture and maybe take one every 2-3 days.


What I learned (cue Doogie Howser music): I didn’t bring enough food to work. I was pretty hungry except for when I ate my lunch (Chicken Curry Salad). I had a bag of pistachios, 2 hard boiled eggs, but they only calmed the hungry, not quench it. I forgot bring the bag of pumpkin seeds that I bought, but I survived the day.

Later that night, I did all right at Tae Kwon Do with not having as much food as usual. I felt energetic enough.



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