Back on the Grid

The one bad thing about vacation is that the world doesn’t stop, therefore, the time that you are relaxing things like mail, work and items needing attention build up. So while my vacation ended on July 9th, it wasn’t until July 16th that I finally had control of email both personal and work. Now that I have a little bit of a breather, I can now get down some of my thoughts.


Myrtle Beach, SC was our vacation destination. It works out that My Lovely and Talented Wife grew up close to Myrtle Beach and so some of her immediate family still lives in the area. This gives us an advantage. First, we get to use the beach condo for our vacation stay which helps greatly with the budget. Second, staying at the beach is like a mini family reunion.

One drawback about the beach is that the mobile reception (Sprint) stinks. For the most part the connection to the network is sufficient but it goes into spurts of connecting/not-connecting which makes using apps that must connect to the network frustrating. Hence, I essentially stopped using Facebook and Twitter. In addition to mobile network difficulties, access to wifi networks was minimal. The condo that we stayed in had free email in the lobby, but there’s not a whole lot of comfortable working space and it’s all the way down in the lobby.

I was also having phone issues (Sprint EVO shift) with the memory and so I cleared the data for Facebook and Twitter. I never logged back into them because of the aforementioned network connectivity issues. Plus, I didn’t want to spend all of my time surfing Facebook and Twitter.

Most days we went down to the beach followed by going to the pool. We watched the movies Madagascar 3 and Brave, both which got thumbs up from The Kids.

Apart from family that live in the area, Pete, aka “Pa-Pa”, and Janet, aka “J-lo”, came to spend a number of days with us at the beach. Pete is my father (technically he’s my adoptive father, some of you might remember the passing of my biological father back in 2006) and Janet is his girlfriend of many moons. We don’t get to see them very often because of the whole space-time continuum (they live in Virginia), so this was a bonus.

Even despite the technology issues, I was able to read the ebook Frost Arch by Kate Bloomfield via the Kindle App on my phone. It was pretty good, actually, I liked it enough to want to read Book 2 of the Fire Mage Trilogy called Flamethroat (released date of August 1, 2012). I got word of Frost Arch from Pixel Of Ink. It’s a fantasy book set on Earth in the wayyy future where humans have evolved to have magical abilities. This is the story of Avalon Redding who is, you guess it, a fire mage. She can conjure and control (kind of) fire. As a potential danger to her family, she feels that she must leave and start a new life. She strikes out on her own in the cover of night and within hours of leaving she’s already getting herself into potential trouble. Ms. Redding is a very intriguing character who she crosses path with a host of equally interesting friends and foes.

One strange thing that happened on vacation was that I ran 0.0 miles. I brought everything that I needed. I even brought my fashionable Dump Runners Club headband to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

GRRRR… software issue and part of the post lost… so here is the short-short version:

I didn’t run because I chose sleep over running and was cool with it

The kids get to have birthday parties both in TN and in SC because of vacation timing

I’m back on the grid and have more posts to write. I am also working on an episode of my podcast, Gravity[at]1053′

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2 Responses to Back on the Grid

  1. Susan says:

    Hurry up with that podcast!

  2. jan says:

    Oh Myrtle Beach, sounds divine!! And hey, we all need sleep. Don’t feel bad about catching up!

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