Stop and go

I’m in stop and go, 5 O’clock, Friday afternoon traffic right now but the good thing is that I am on the 102X Express Bus. I’m trying to see if I can blog and post faster than the traffic. Screw trying review and edit this thing. Hilarious episodes may occur if the autocorrect gets the better of me.

This week was pretty busy. I can say it was higher stress than normal at work but I had this 2 page write up that I needed to get out by today. I didn’t realize what a hindrance it was until I finally pushed it out and then looked it my To-Do list. It seems that while I was in “2 Page Paper Mode”, my list grew almost exponentially. So in the hour or so before I left, I hacked away at some of the items. There is still plenty but I got a couple of easier ones. Unfortunately, there are still some more critical, time sensitive ones to deal with.

Looking forward to volunteering at the Dogwood 5k on Saturday. I’m doing a little course setup and course monitoring. Should be fun! Afterwards heading to taekwondo practice as I work on my yellow belt pattern and one-stops.

So looks like I was able to beat the traffic. Good for clogging, bad for getting dinner ready on time. Now to publish this and see how the WordPress plugging, wordbooker, posts this. It should come through on Facebook twice since I have Twitter Tools as well.

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