Mobility schmobility

I download the WordPress app for my Evo Shift phone to see if having a mobile app would increase my blogging. Since I tend to be longwinded in my blog entries (since they’ve been reduced to Race Reports), if I could find an easily accessable platform then I might be inspired to write more.

I’m itching to write a fictional story, mainly from the fact that I have been reading sooo much more thanks to the Kindle App. Without the discipline of writing here on my blog, I’m not going to have the discipline to write a story.

So far, so good. Previously, the app that I had for my former phone, Palm Pixi, was okay but the phone’s keyboard was too small and what was written on phone stayed local until publishing.

Mug Cake

Here’s me trying out adding a photo… From My Lovely and Talented Wife’s mug cake experience earlier this week. Now it’s time to publish…

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1 Response to Mobility schmobility

  1. Susan says:

    Mmmmm mug cake! Me needs some of that!

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