P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-12-11

  • Whew! It's a busy Monday morning! Thank goodness I have a 5 mile Tempo run at lunch so I can clear my mind for the afternoon. #
  • I was right… my 8 mile run on Saturday turned out to be 7.47 miles. I didn't think the pacing was right with the effort that I felt. #
  • I'm listening to Christmas music music and making a Gluten Free Cheesecake, too bad I ran out of sugar or there'd be brownies following #
  • I decided to go swimming for lunch workout, running in today's weather might qualify though, but pool is warmer #
  • Celebrate the Season with Stepcase Lifehack’s 12 Days of Giveaways Promotion http://t.co/42bJlkAd #
  • #DearSanta Running Beanie – Grey: http://t.co/pNpxZ927 via @AddThis @CHKnoxmarathon #
  • RT @ehaag: Such awful news…Our prayers are with the Hokies once again! http://t.co/Nc65J361 #
  • 3rd Grade field trip today – American Museum of Science & Energy (AMSE) in Oak Ridge #
  • I skipped my 10 miler this morning because of not preparing for it as far back as Wednesday night. I'll be more diligant this week #

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