Winner Winner Marathon Dinner

Georgia Marathon Logo

Persistence paid off! I won the contest over at 26.2 Quest in the “What about the Georgia Marathon” contest. It consisted of first, writing why you would want to run the Publix Georgia Marathon (@georgiamarathon) which was worth 1 entry and then second, using social media to spread the word which each social media outlet (twitter, Google+, facebook, etc) was each worth 1 entry. The contest ran for close to 2 weeks, so in theory, you could get multiple entries each days and then add more each day.

(You can use the code: 262QUEST to get a $10 discount, courtesy of 26.2 Quest +262Quest @262quest)

My strategy was fairly straight forward. In Google+, I would type up an entry with some sort of “theme” for that day, which was 1 entry. Then I would Copy & Paste that into Twitter and then, if had the time, clean up the URL and make sure that it fit the correct character limit. Once it was sent to Twitter, it would automatically be forwarded to Facebook, thus giving me 3 entries for about 5 minutes worth of work. I streamlined the process by have a URL link in Chrome which would sync depending on the computer I was on (Work, netbook, laptop, etc), so all I needed to do was change the fluffer text around links each day.

The statistician in me knew that based on the given rules of each entry put into a big pool and then randomly selected, I needed to put in as many entries as I could. It wouldn’t guarantee a win for me but would increase the probability of one of my entries being chosen. The only days that I didn’t get entries in were on the weekends when I am normally not online, but since I had at least one entry in the contest, that was all that was needed! So I am running Georgia on March 18, 2012.

Marathon training for this race officially started on Monday Nov 28 which is 15 weeks out Race Day. Next on my agenda is to create a training program for which to train for the race while incorporating the Holidays and family travel plans, local race as training events, plus everything else that comes up being a husband, father, employee, etc.

I’m pretty excited because this is another step toward putting myself (at least my inner perception) back into focus.

I case you were wondering about WHY I wanted to run the Georgia Marathon, here is my entry which plays on the Hoagy Carmicheal song, Georgia On My Mind: “I want to run the Publix Georgia Marathon  for free because not only do I have Georgia on my Mind, I ALWAYS have running on my mind!”

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