Back to the Fact

Sometime around the middle of August, I “came down” with something that closely resembled Pneumonia or some Chest Infection N.O.S. and not only did it mess with my lungs, it also messed with my head. At one moment, I would think that it was an infection, but then later that definition didn’t fit. This condition lasted for about 8 weeks… 3 weeks of trying to figure out what IT was then 5 weeks of getting IT fixed.

The first symptoms manifested themselves as coughing and congestion (or rather the expelling of it). A few days later, a rattling of BOTH my lungs was the next symptom to join the party. It was at this point that I had the fear that I was coming down with Streptococcus pneumoniae, which it and I do mortal combat against each other periodically. I had the classic symptoms: rattling in the chest, coughing, and congestion. Except I was missing a BIG component, I wasn’t sick.

I didn’t have a fever, or rather the Cyclic Fever with Fatigue. Usually, I get a fever that comes and goes and comes and goes and tossed in there is the overwhelming fatigue where I just want to sleep. I’m so tired that I collapse where ever I am and sleep. However, there was none of that. So, I’m thinking WTF… as in Where’s The Fever. So now my self-diagnosis is Rub… Pleural Rub.

I decided to run on 8/23 and did just peachy during the run, apart from being a little slow from lack of training. However, the systems all came right back and stayed at a constant level. Now, I’m thinking WTF! I decide to take a week off from running and take it easy as I did when I had my pleural rub of yesteryear. Eh, 7 days… 0 changes except that I start to think that it is an infection (and there quite possibly was one in there somewhere). I ran again on 08/30 and results were mediocre.

At this point, I hadn’t taken any meds to treat any of the symptoms but I am starting to concede to the thought that I would need to take something… possibly an antibiotic to at least getting me in the right direction.

I took antibiotics for 7 days and there was no change. I did notice a clearing of some other issues because of the antibiotics, but for my lungs… it didn’t help.

Next Step: Crack-a-lack

The next approach to my ailment was to have my chiropractor take a look to see if I was out of alignment or some other issue that he could resolve. I wasn’t scheduled to see him for a couple of days after I decided that he would be my next plan of attack, but I was able to schedule an appointment a couple of days earlier.

Funny thing, my alignment was good from my previous realignment. He had me go see the Massage Therapist to work on my back. She worked on my back and some of the biggest knots ever! They felt as if they were the size of my fist and to make things worse, they were under my shoulder blade. However, she was able to work out everything that was easily accessible. Despite the fact that most of the work on my back ranged from uncomfortable to moderate pain, I knew that it was better to not have those knots there. This was Wednesday 9/14.

UPCOMING: ‘Results to Back it Up’ or ‘Sub Scapulicious’



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