Boyz Weekend Update

In our household it was Boys Rules since My Lovely and Talented Wife was off gallivanting with a long time college friend at their reunion. Neither one of them had their Fam with them, so it was very much like their college days, except for the fact that the current students looked sooooooo young. My 20 year college reunion is in 2013… woah.

We didn’t have any issues over the weekend. Thanks to the almighty schedule (a product of My Lovely and Talented Wife), everything worked like clockwork. Maybe not a Swiss clock, but a decent craftsmanship made watch.

Kids went to a Saturday morning TaeKwonDo class, of which I didn’t attend the following adults class. There are some logisitical issues (i.e. snacks & entertainment) that need to be addressed before I could start the Saturday morning class. If the uniform was smaller than a ship’s sail, I could run with it to and from class… and not only get some cross-training with TKD, but also a good run in as well. I’d need a nap later in the day though 🙂

I had planned on running on the treadmill Saturday night since that was about the only way I was going to get in a run. Plus, that’s one of the functions of a treadmill. However, that wasn’t quite the case since I was much farther behind on laundry then I realized. I listened to the UT/Alabama game, which was like listening to 2 separate games… the Decent (if not Good) UT team the first half and then the “Hey, wait for me” UT team the second half. Thankfully, a margarita (or two) helped manage the second half team, at least from my point of view.

Sunday was fruitless in getting a run, however I did make a batch of Gluten Free Cookies, since I ran out of eggs on Saturday and had a big bowl of Sugar-Butter to deal with. I actually split the batch of cookie dough, so that I had: “sugar” cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and (taking a deep breath) chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. At least I had plenty of comfort food to console me for not running… HA!


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