P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-10-23

  • Heading out for a lunchtime run, hopefully will last for a 4 mile excursion #
  • These look yummy! Pumpkin Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Bars http://t.co/EuitznWl @Shirleygfe #GlutenFree #
  • Looking for a spring 2012 marathon, maybe run one as a pacer – to offset entry fee, who knows. I know that I ready to get back to Running #
  • The Flying Pig Marathon @RunFlyingPig came up in conversation last night for possible family-trip-disguised-as-marathon candidate #
  • It's going to be a cold lunchtime run today! #
  • Like This, You Will. RT @ChrisRooney: @planet3rry I still love this version… http://t.co/CM2oOvEw #
  • The cold weather could not stop my run today! Shorten, yes. Stop, no. 3miles in 26:34 #
  • Just solved why the camry radio wouldn't play some stations (K-Love) or weakly (WFIV) #
  • Primary school fall festival today… my Tuna Steak will be on dinner menu, to make up for any candy I "might" eat at festival #

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