P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-07-10

  • Happy Independence America! Ups and Down: Church Picnic, Still Injured, Worked Fireball 5k road race, Passing of a friend Jenn McDonald #
  • Love it when work tends to unload on me… from to zero to overload in a flash! #
  • Leg feels good today, could wrap it and run on greenway. Will practice TKD White Belt patterns for this week; Indoor Soccer is Questionable #
  • Hello Wednesday! It's busy and ranges from Staff Meeting to Funeral Service… Maybe end off with Frozen Yogurt or indoor soccer #
  • Props to @candlejo22 for playing "Upside Down" by #JackJohnson on the #iRequestLunchHour -Who's to say what's impossible and can't be found? #
  • The Elder is 1/2way to being able to drive! Happy 8th Birthday! #
  • Not a bad day even though 80% of what was planned didn't happen #MotherNatureThrowsACurveBall #
  • Injury prognosis: left thigh is in BAD shape. It hurts to walk or stand, but WORSE when I have to stand from a sitting position #
  • Hehe… Searching for coffee in the condo, finally discovered some, a sample pack to brew halfpot circa 2003 based on coupon with it #

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