P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Trying to get a 3mi #TrailRun before #TaeKwonDo and before #AnotherStormInKnoxville #
  • Getting ready for an ice bath, my "Shakira Principle" is in full effect! #
  • I'm selling an Imation Travan 20GB Cartridge on eBay – 130539256606! Bid Now, Bid Often! http://j.mp/mmOdUu #
  • RT @Medicblood: Free Movie Ticket and American Themed shirt! from MEDIC! http://conta.cc/lHiX9p Can you work in platelets for Thurs??? #
  • I'm in the works of the next episode of #GravityAt1053 I Know! And get this… it may post TODAY! #TruthIsStrangerThanFiction #
  • On the waiting list to give platelets on Thurs for @medicblood promotion: Free MovieTicket and AmericanThemed shirt! http://conta.cc/lHiX9p #
  • Injured on Wed before indoor soccer. Hurts when I sit down, stand up or walk… no running or TKD for a while #LifeInGeneral #
  • Can I be asked anymore computer questions about my coworker's new laptop? Oh wait… apparently I can… a lot more questions #

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