Beans by your Friends on Facebook

Facebook Logo all shiny likeFacebook, it’s where you invite your friends to cook you dinner. Well, it’s where you can toss out the base and they your friends toss in the other ingredients. Very similar to doing a Google Search with the items in your pantry to see what you can make, except this is a potential train wreck or the greatest concoction.

I’m home alone, trying NOT to buy groceries if I don’t have to and eat what we have here. So, looking in the cabinet, I found a big ole bag of Pinto Beans and I was thinking “Pinto beans, heh, what good are pinto beans?” Which then carried into a inner conversation,

“Wait, you LIKE pinto beans. It’s Pinto cars you are not found of.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Wait, what do I like that has pinto beans in it”

“Uh, Hello! Refried Beans are Pinto beans.”

“Oh, right, do we have any Black Beans we could make?”

“No, just this bag of Pinto Beans, but I am not sure what we have to eat this with.”

“I could make some chocolate-peanut butter fudge. A big bowl of beans and then fudge.”

“Ugh, no fudge. We need something like rice or a meat or both. We have rice in the fridge and we can see what meat is in the fridge. And when I say meat, I mean fish.”

“So we are going to eat beans and rice. Beans and Rice? ‘Red beans and rice didn’t miss her, Some knucklehead tried to dis, ‘Cause his girls are on my list…'”

“Not now, please, I have to think… We’ll cook them in the crockpot because I don’t want to manage the stove and clean at the same time”


“I got it… why not post on Facebook the question on how to season the beans?¬†BRILLIANT!”

“BRILLIANT! And we can take all the suggestions and use them at the SAME TIME! How cool would that be? OH OH, I say we suggest Jalepeno peppers!”

“Oh, good call, that would make them nice and tasty!”

“Just think, with all those beans, we’ll be able to play with the Tubas in the Independence Day parade.”

“I’m glad this is an inner monologue conversation, because that was in just crude, funny but crude. Go make some fudge.”

It didn’t take long to get a reply either. I posted it to Facebook via text message and what seemed like 5 seconds, there were 2 replied… BACON (BACON BACON BACON) and Garlic! Then just a few seconds more and I looked and there were two more. Cumin and Ham Hock, smoked.

The only bad news is that I don’t have a ham hock. I do however have that packet of ‘Ham Seasoning’ when you get the 16 bean soup. I’ll probably use that because we don’t let the fact that we don’t have no stinkin’ ham hock stop us from making beans! It just won’t be as tasty.

So right now the beans are soaking overnight and in the morning I will season them (Hmmm, I wonder if I should have asked for seasoning amounts… at least you can never over do bacon) and fire up the ole crock pot so that when I come home I’ll pan sear some trout and have a nice dinner. I have an indoor soccer game at 9:30pm tomorrow night, maybe I’ll get a little boost… of energy… or something.


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