P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-06-19

  • After a lot of rumbling thunder, the sky let loose. Of course right when are out for The Elder's dentist appt #GoFigure #
  • Minor issue: kid's dentist lost their marbles… No, real marbles for wooden blocks cut with grooves for marbles… #
  • It's "THAT" time again! 2011 WWFoR HM – WORLDWIDE HALF (13.1 miles) http://t.co/kozCjro #
  • Preface to Fall Marathon Training starts TONIGHT! I start to work on my base w/o the "In training for". It's a non-commital commitment #
  • Everytime @i105 plays "American Slang" by #TheGaslightAnthem I still think it's an awesome song http://youtu.be/oAqbnTKQBIY #
  • I received my #GoogleMusic invite yesterday! It's gonna take a while to upload all the music. Hope there will be a good #WebOS for it. #
  • Starting the oh-so-fun process of finding a roofer to replace our hail-damaged roof. Big blue tarps are all the rage here in Knoxville 🙂 #
  • RT @nigelrunner: I got my Olympics tickets! Football semi final at Old Trafford. Woo Hoo! | AWESOME!!! #
  • Saturday night and just chillin' with my homies Lando and Sydney just building block towers and playing never ending fetch #

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