Safer Choices contest

Okay, so the fact of the matter that I am jumping through proverbial red tape just to be qualified for some free stuff kinda doesn’t really sync with my whole <whiny>”I can’t post an episode of Gravity@1053′ because I still have the Flying Monkey marathon (FROM NOVEMBER 2010) still in my draft pool”</whiny>

But perhaps FREE stuff is a motivation to take the plunger to my big bowl of constipated drafts and say WOOOOOSH!

At least right now, as I type this, I am IN my wordpress admin site, so that is one step closer to getting that race report done! Also, the episode of Gravity@1053′ which happens to be Episode 27, IS uploaded just not formally published. So if you happen to know where to get it, you can get it before I get the post up. I am not even sure if my Feedburner actively monitors that folder anymore.  Well, anyway… back to the free stuff.

So there’s this website, errrr blog, called Safer Choices, which finds even “HEALTHIER” choices then some of the knighted “Healthy” choices out there. Now like my Favorite Running Company of all time, Vitruvian Running [Sorry that you had to close down Chuck], the owner/writer of the blog is a chick (couldn’t find a name quickly) who I shall dub “Safer Jen” (cause there’s only like 2 billion ‘Jen’s out there and I got a special one of my own) who used to work for the “Corporate Giant” Rodale (hey, Runner’s World) publishing  and in her own words worked on “Organic Gardening Magazine to health and fitness books like Alternative Cures and South Beach Diet” and now has this site.

What’s nice about this site is that it doesn’t have the “Scare & Awe tactics” that some of the Uber Healthy website have, sure it has some undertones such as “Could your toothpaste harm your unborn child?” but that’s much better than “Killing the unborn with toothpaste”. It’s more of a “Guess what I found and here’s the skinny” and so processing the information she writes about is much easier to digest because you don’t have the “This sounds like a bunch of crap” mind set.

So to the free stuff…

The loot is a FREE coupon for Pacific Natural Foods’ soups (and you know with it being “Natural” and “Organic”, those are two upcharge premiums at the grocery store).

So what is so special about Pacific Natural Foods’ soups that is worth having to do all of this manual labor? BPA-Free Packaging

Here’s Safer Jen’s Review of the Soup’s and you can see my comment (1 entry to the contest)

Here’s the link TO the contest itself and I have to link to the Safer Choice Giveaway page too

So the other things that I have done to get extra entries is:

You will get one additional entry for each of the following (leave a separate comment for each):

1. “Like” Safer Choices on Facebook (link on top right) and leave a comment with your Facebook name.

2. Follow Safer Choices and leave your name.

3. Follow Safer_Choices on Twitter and tweet the following: “Enter to win a free Pacific Natural Foods product at “. *Be sure to leave your twitter name in your comment.

4. Blog about this giveaway and link to and leave the link to your post in the comment.

which I have Done, Done, Done and Done (once I actually stop typing and hit [publish]).

I’ll even toss in the Pacific Natural Food’s Corporate Website, just because that’s the kinda Spread-the-Love guy that I am (or at least in my head that’s what I think).

Now, the sexiest thing about this particular contest is that there is going to be some Statistical Methods used in determining the winners! Nothing like a good ole random sample to determine the winner! Stats RULE!

I will use to select the winning comment numbers.


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2 Responses to Safer Choices contest

  1. "Safer Jen" says:

    Thanks for the post. Maybe I should change my name to “Safer Jen” since whenever somebody says “Jen” a bunch of us girls turn around to see if we are being addressed! That’s my I made sure my daughter’s name was not on the top 25 names for the year she was born! Anyway, glad you liked the blog – stay tuned for more giveaways!

    • planet3rry says:

      I have two boys, which I refer to as “The Elder” and “The Younger” both with 4-letter easy names, where they don’t have to elaborate on how to spell their name or like you, have the whole room say “Yes?”

      I definitely like the blog even without the free stuff! So keep Posting!

      (now that I have approved you this once, your comments will post right away!)

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