P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-02-20

  • Calf issue at Mile 9 of Strawplains Half marathon cut a good run (thanks Solange V) into a survival finish but still had the "Race Focus" #
  • Don't think my Strawplains issue wasn't an injury but rather a lactic acid/cramp issue. Ran 3.3 on Sunday, calves felt tight but manageable #
  • Added a race to my training log called Strawplains Half Marathon http://bit.ly/hZGXnt
    #BuckeyeOutdoors #
  • DOUBLE RATS! A database issue at work has me working through lunch when I should be running! Booooooo! #
  • Strange things are afoot in my data. can't figure out what is going on, need 5 mile run and chocolate to clear and feed my mind #
  • 6 hours later… No reason for error found, although found a couple of outliers in the process. Left work late and now in traffic #
  • Heard on NPR… "these estimates are not certain." Really? Cutting edge research. *crickets chirping* #
  • Donating platelets today @medicblood and had a great compliment "Are you a hockey player?" #
  • The moon was awesome this morning! Makes me want to howl. #
  • Today has been good even with the morning routine falling apart. Couple of successful queries, couple of trades but alas no lunch run. #
  • Forget Style Points! Took too long just to get Table to report enough sig. digits… not wasting time now trying to get it to look perfect #

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