P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-02-06

  • What a nice weekend! Tons of yardwork finished, but still well behind…*sigh* #
  • Raking/Hauling/Plowing leaves was a full-body workout yesterday. I'm still a little sore #
  • Wondering if the wet weather will hit before, during or after my lunchtime run… the fore casted high winds can stay away until after #
  • Plagued by computer issues at work… #NotWhatINeed #
  • Going to run today, eh maybe 4, before the rain comes… and seasonal winter weather #
  • Ran 4 miles today on my MSQ Fab 4 course here in Knoxville in about 40 minutes. Beat the rain! Bonus: lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks #
  • Who knew that a Taster's Choice Single brewed strong with Vanilla Almond Milk would make a decent Latte in a pinch? #McGyverCoffee #
  • Who needs coffee with a very brisk morning wind? #
  • Oh, it's going to be a fun day reinstalling Win7 onto my work comp, so I'll have to use my Chrome Netbook with the free Verizon as I wait #
  • Computer issues has made my work productivity ZERO so far today. However, my file folders are grouped by content and color coded now #
  • I forgot what a mind numbing experience shopping at #SamsClub can be. I'm not sure the timeLost:Moneysaved was in my favor #
  • Maybe for #StrawPlainsHalf on 2/12, I'll have the world famous #GuessMyTimeWinCrap contest. Just have 2 finish #FlyingMonkey race report #

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