P3 Twitter Updates for 2011-01-30

  • Started the day running down the dark street with The Younger, trying in vain to make the bus. Then, opened car doors at the Primary School #
  • My results-Calhoun's 10miler on 1/22: 1hr 48min 17sec Finished 210 out of 238 Overall, 17 out of 19 AgeGrp. Great Race/Training Run #
  • PocketMod to the RESCUE! http://www.pocketmod.com/app/index.html #TrackingMyFood #
  • WooHoo! Jen's out on GirlsNightOut. The boys and I are gonna cause a Ruckus! Good thing… she doesn't check… My status… Uh, nevermind #
  • It was time to clean the keyboard! http://twitpic.com/3tkpd1 #
  • Getting ready to drop off a 100g bag of Styrofoam (the Dreaded 6) off at Knoxville Recycling Coalition #recycle #
  • It was super easy to drop of the styrofoam off @knoxrecycles also got some info on where to take hazardous chemicals! #
  • Dropped off some stuff (scrapbooking supplies) off @EastTNChildrens #CutTheClutter in our household. Need to get rid of MORE stuff! #
  • Getting ready to open doors at the Primary School so learning can begin! #ShoudaBeenAValet #

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